La Garrotxa is a region with countless activities to do. From hiking to balloon flights, also bibicle, climbing, horseback riding, etc..


BTT Routes

The most famous route in the region is Via Verda Carrilet que va des d’Olot fins a Girona, but there are also the Ruta del Ferro (Iron Road greenway), which is another greenway for bikes from Ripoll to Olot. More information on Vies Verdes

Road cycling routes

From home you can go by bike and go up the Capsacosta road, go through the Camprodon Valley, and even climb up to Vallter.



On foot from home:

Roman Way of Capsacosta (Via Ànnia): route from home, medium difficulty of 2:30H-3H if you want to go to Sant Pau de Segúries.

It can also be circular

Another option, is another circular route of about 18km from home to St Ponç d’Aulina and reach Sant Pau

Gorg Molí Nou: about 20 minutes walk from home, a whole adventure to get there but the destination is worth it! on our instagram (@calliscasarural) you'll find pictures there if you want to see a taste… but they don't make justice!

Here you will find several routes to make in the area of ​​the Vall de Bianya


Taking the car:

about 10 minutes: Sant Miquel del Mont (1:45h uphill you reach the top of a mountain ridge with unique views from the whole Bianya valley and the whole Vall d’En Bas Valley on the other side)

about 20 minutes: Bac Valley - Route of the 5 hermitages, circular route of about 18km of medium difficulty

about 30 minutes: Sadernes to Sant Aniol d’Aguja (area ofclimbing and hiking trail next to the river with some river pools of crystal water·to swim)

about 30 minutes by car: Salt del Sallent in Sant Privat d’en Bas (family outgoing) and where there are also some gorgs (very crowded but easily accessible) Or you can climb Puigsacalm (1.515m) from here too

about 40 minutes by car: Comanegre and Basses de Monars (where cars are left and where there is a walking area with amazing views, you can climb the Comanegre (1.547m, the highest peak of La Garrotxa, it is on the border with France and on the other side you can see the Canigó and on clear days in the gulf of Lyon and Roses) it is a route of 35 minutes go up and more down, or make one circular route of about 8 km

30 minutes by car: Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone and the Fageda d’En Jordà


other Activities

-equestrian: horseback riding in Sant Pau de Segúries (about 15 minutes by car) O if you want to go hiking closer to the Pyrenees, near Camprodon (is about 30 minutes by car)


-Snow activities with Valler2000 mountain guides

-Balloon flights: Vol de Coloms Company


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