Activities guided vallter 2000 (skiing)

Activities Guides realized South America vallter 2000:

– Cleaning skiing and snowboarding

– Cursillo weekend and holidays (4 dies / 3 hours)

– Baptism racket (2 hours)

– Beginners and advanced ski mountain (baptism 3 hours)

– Introduction to mountain winter snowshoe (baptism 2 hours)

– Snowshoe Hike (4 hours)

– Night snowshoe + Groundhog dinner

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Return to the Valley of Bac – Route of the five chapels

Walk to the Bac valley, that giving back to the valley, we passed the five chapels. You can leave your car in a curve of the paved St. Paul Segúries (a 10 minutes from the house Call) the Bac valley, the jack located Planota of Badosa de Dalt, where it begins to walk, GR-1 and taking the following route: GR-1 - Valley Stream Bac - Coll (chapel of Santa Magdalena Coll) - Cortalets hill - pit of man - around the grain buckwheat - Llongarriu - Shrine of Our Lady of the Angels Llongarriu - Guest Valley Bac - must Ferrer - Chapel of St. Michael's Tower - Sierra Guillem - neck Triadú - Chapel of St. Andrew Porreres - Esquellerincs Bridge - Bac stream valley - chapel of Sant Feliu del Bac - GR-1 back.

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Your Romana

The Roman Way was built by the Romans to connect the Valley Bianya (Garrotxa area) with Camprodon (Ripoll). It was a jamb side on the Via Augusta that crossed the Pyrenees to Rome. The only part that remains is the section from St. Paul continues to the passage of carriers in the Valley Bianya with a length of 8kms. In his journey you can see the cobbled sections, water drains, the quarry, bridges, etc..

The Roman Way runs through the estate of the Call, so you can leave home with boots!


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your Roman