Covid-19 Info Special

Dear customers, we think it is convenient to explain to you our prevention actions against Covid19. The most important thing for us is that you can be calm and enjoy your stay in El Callís with confidence.. That is why we want to tell you that we have always cleaned and disinfected our homes with industrial products., especially bathrooms and kitchens. Plus, currently we also comply with all the hygiene protocols detailed by the health authorities of the central government which you can consult here.

The garden, which is shared between the guests of the cabin and the big house, has more than 3,000m2. There is plenty of room for everyone if in the summer it is still recommended to keep a safe distance from 2 meters between people. All garden furniture will also be cleaned after each stay and each house will have assigned outdoor furniture.

About the pool and common areas, what is currently published in the BOE is that they are closed, for the BOE, the government says it can be used but in the water the safety distance must also be maintained, but this indication is not yet published. Water transmission is currently claimed to be unlikely.

In terms of payments and signals, if you could not come in case of new restrictions, they will be saved for another occasion (instead of losing them as was stipulated so far, and the year·washes with little time out of summer season or gets lost in summer reserves).

We are at your disposal to clarify any questions you may have or suggestions.

We hope to see you soon 😀