With your partner

Yoga sessions, dance, theater, tantra or couple therapy taught by Isabel Moros (Dancer / Actress / Psychocorporeal Integration Therapist)


Yoga (sessions 1:30h) Kundalini Yoga can be combined with Hatha Yoga

40 € single or couple

Groups from 4: 10 € per person


Dance or Theater (sessions 1:30h)

Dance: Body work to release tensions and let creativity circulate through the spontaneous and genuine movement of each one.

Theater: Proposal to discover the actor / actress we bring inside through imagination and improvisation.

50 € single or couple

Groups from 4: 12,5 € per person


Tantra or Couple Therapy (sessions 1:40h)

Tantra: Focusing exercises to connect with yourself and your partner in order to improve relationships and sexuality.

Couple therapy: Space to express, share, and communicate in order to improve the relationship. Based on working from four struts: transparency, convergence, commitment and sexuality.

120 € per couple