With family and friends

At home you can do the following activities:

Wine tasting (from € 25 per person), you have more information here

Taichi o chi kong



Yoga sessions, dance, theater, tantra or therapy of couple taught by Isabel Moros (Dancer / Actress / Psychocorporeal Integration Therapist)

Yoga (sessions 1:30h)

Sessions where Kundalini Yoga is combined with Hatha Yoga

40 € single or couple

Groups from 4: 10 € per person


Dance or Theater (sessions 1:30h)

Dance: Body work to release tensions and let creativity circulate through the spontaneous and genuine movement of each one.

Theater: Proposal to discover the actor / actress we bring inside through imagination and improvisation.

50 € single or couple

Groups from 4: 12,5 € per person



Bianya's Druid

And Jordi, Bianya's druid, it is a well of wisdom. Taking a walk through our forests with him is a unique experience! It will teach you how to recognize the song of birds, the footprints of wild animals, the mushrooms, it will tell you all about the fauna and flora that surrounds us and many other discoveries! And if you ask him… will sing to summon fairies and goblins and who knows if they will come to see you 😉

Price: depending on the time and route, tailor-made prices.